Episode 52

Surviving Trauma w/ Agape Garcia

Published on: 26th October, 2022

For over 35 years Agape has navigated through domestic violence, privacy, safety, vulnerability, and the mindset to endure personal adverse events in life.

Her mission is to help others transform from Domestic Violence (DV) into Post Traumatic Growth and to mitigate the depletion of resources for real time victims.

Listen to her incredible survival story!

If you’re dealing with domestic violence please call:


When you're ready, we're here to listen.

If you’d like a FREE Emotional Clarity Session with Agape click below:


Emotional Clarity Session:  To identify where you currently are emotionally, how you respond to triggers are,  how you want to respond,  what's getting in the way, and creating a plan.

You deserve respect!

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Tamala :-)

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