Episode 65

Healing unresolved trauma w/ Greg Wieting

Published on: 19th December, 2022

You don’t need to carry the burden of anxiety, depression, chronic pain or trauma alone anymore …Greg Wietins

learn more about Greg and his amazing programs at:


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The Co-Dependent Me Podcast
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Podcast to increase the awareness of Codependency. To look at the behavior and journey to healing.

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I'm a Certified Life Coach, diagnosed with codependency over a decade ago. It's been my goal to understand codependency traits and learn how to live a healthier life. I started Co-Dependent Me, to help support others in recovery. I am the Co-Author of God Turned Mommy's Wine Into Water, written with my mom about the struggles of codependency and alcoholism. To learn more please visit www.codependentme.org